Sweatha Viswanathan

13 years in Tech, Engineering Leader, Mentor, Speaker, D&I Advocate

13 years in Tech, Engineering Leader, Mentor, Speaker, D&I Advocate


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About Me

Hi, I'm Sweatha! I am currently a Director of Engineering at Truveta working with a mission of saving lives with data. Prior to this, I spent a decade at Microsoft where I grew from an entry level engineer to an Engineering Leader managing managers.

For the last few years, I have been mentoring engineers, PMs and managers and have helped them grow in their careers. 

I have served as a Diversity Champion in several different opportunities and am very passionate about women advancement in tech. Being a mom, I can very well relate to parents juggling work and life while also having to prioritize kids. I have founded several ERGs and mentored in several lean in circles to help women and parents have the right support system for them to succeed in their workplace. I have flourished in orgs where I was the only woman. I also have had the experience of being part of orgs with excellent diversity ratio of 50:50. I have been in situations where I was the first woman leader in the org and have been successful in creating a culture where woman not only join the team but also flourish and are extremely happy. ]

Feel free to schedule a complimentary AMA session with me. I would love to see you succeed!

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